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Beyond the Mountain

Made by students to connect students

Beyond the Mountains (BM) is a non-profit organization founded by college and high school students in the United States.

The pandemic and wars erased borders and shrunk the world. It showed us that acts by individuals can have devastating impacts on our world. Modest initiatives bringing uplifting changes can also transcend vast distances. We believe that hundreds of brief and simple educational interactions at BM will engage students in Kyrgyzstan, Afghanistan, Ukraine, and beyond on a profound level.

With the recent arrival of over a hundred thousand refugees from Afghanistan and Ukraine, Beyond Mountain is directing resources to serve the Afghan and Ukrainian communities in the U.S.

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We think the world would be better if everyone were included. Around the world, exclusion and discrimination continue to divide people. We act now.

Cross Borders

Language is the key to understanding: Across borders and cultures. We offer the possibility to learn English as a second language in a social setting.

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Beyond Mountain is a non-profit organization. As such, we are at the service of society. Do you want to support us in our mission? Get in contact!

Our Story is our Mission

One day we tumbled upon Kyrgyzstan, a landlocked and pristine country in Central Asia where time seems to have forgotten to move forward for centuries. Most of the land in Kyrgyzstan (80%) are dominated by mountains, forming a majestic landscape. These mountains are also imposing barriers, isolating a nation once hosted the legendary Silk Road.

A third of the population is between 15 and 25 years old but instead of youthful energy and hope we often found destitute and despair. Almost half of the children are living in poverty and seclusion. The economic hardships worsen by the pandemic spur a drastic increase in suicide rate among young Kyrgyz.

As we slowly emerge from the world-wide shelter-in-place with measured relief, almost half the Kyrgyz students our ages will remain in isolation for most of their lives, unless we reach out. Driven by our innate instinct to converge during disaster to help each other, we cofound Beyond the Mountains, a peer-to-peer platform teaching English as foreign language through social interactions and cultural immersions between high school students from Kyrgyzstan and the U.S.

On February 24th, 2022, missiles and bombs rained down indiscriminately on Ukraine, igniting a humanitarian catastrophe. With the help of our colleagues in Kyiv, we immediately modified BMP to timely extend our service to the fast-growing Ukrainian refugee communities.

We proudly use Koolyard
to serve the understanding among cultures

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“"We not only can but must learn from each other. That's how society as a whole would progress harmoniously forward.”

Hannah TsukamotoCo-Founder of Koolyard

“Conflicts in Afghanistan and Ukraine have called upon us to take actions and contribute to urgent relief efforts. It has been both a rewarding experience and honor to serve on the Board of Advisors of BM, seeing students meeting their moments with convictions.”

Tran Nguyen, MD CardiologyMember of Beyond Mountain

Beyond Mountain
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